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Awards From Round 9

Mako Supers v Mako Seniors/Rossmoyne combined.
Great turnout today, given the timing, junior footy and work commitments.
We Started with 16 Supers/Masters, Rossmoyne (who are only 5mins down the road) only had 9. Woody7, Micky D, Kizza, PeterParker and Dunny from the Seniors all volunteered to play for Rossmoyne and in true Mako spirit Rowdy swapped his jumper and allowed us to play 15 a side. Thanks guys, your efforts are very much appreciated.
Lunty, after an indifferent performance at CHF last game, was keen to show that he is the number 1 ruckman with a dominant display, giving Camo, Westy and Carts easy possessions all day. Nathan “Chappy” Edwards had his best game for the Makos, Jae “The Captain” Rochester continued his good form, Birchy and Ninno worked well together, all hitting the scoreboard through out the game. Craigo tried hard to continue his goal kicking form from the previous game, but was soundly beaten on this occasion by Dunny. On the odd occasion that the ball ventured into our backline, Gus and Cervo were able to link up with our solitary wingman Loges and gift our forwards with plenty of opportunities. Our fullback line of The Barton twins and Rampaging Budgie Boyle had one kick between them and that was a kick in after a point was scored in the last quarter. I think I saw a quick rock/paper/scissors between them to see who was going to take the kick . Probably should add that their direct opponents failed to touch the ball as well, such was our dominance upfield.

The Seniors then took on an almost full strength Central Crocs, with Dan Carter suiting up for them. Lunty wouldn’t come off after his dominant performance for the Supers so Rompa had to shuffle the magnets, construct a false Birth Certificate, and we witnessed an impressive debut of “BLUNTY”. (Not sure what the rainbow arm band was about, but who am I to judge )
Big SIMMO was a welcome addition to the team, double teaming with TILT, they won the majority of the ruck, keeping BLUNTY out of the centre at the same time. Shimma had his hands full across the half back line, it was a super effort repelling everything that came his way. He ended up going on the ball for a run just to have a rest. Lloydy, Kizza, Micky D and BJ all relished the slippery conditions with some clean ball handling skills on display. Peter SPIDER-MAN Parker, BAZZ-BALL Curran, and TEAPOT Booton all continue to improve with 1%ers not going unnoticed by Rompa. FLOYDY lined up at full forward in his second outing since body reconstruction surgery over the off season. Whilst his leading patterns did improve over the first 3 quarters Rompa decided to throw him into the centre to get his hands on the footy and get some touch. Not sure what surgery he had but the steady improvement shown over the duration of the game was pleasing. (I know his state coach was happy ). WOODY7 and DUNNY battled hard but were feeling the effects of playing 4 outstanding quarters for Rossmoyne in the previous game. DAZZ Mc and SCUD had relatively quiet games by their lofty standards, maybe a few more training sessions will get you guys back to form . That brings me to BRUISER Blay and what I thought was the “Play of the day”. Bruiser, who back in is playing days went by the mantra, “punch the ball at all times, and if it has ears, punch it harder” placed a tackle on the opponent, ripping his head off his shoulders, the umpire said the opponent had ducked his head and awarded Bruiser the free kick for holding the ball. The opponent got up, put his head back on his shoulders and gave the umpire a serve, resulting in a 50m penalty to Bruiser. His opponent kept rattling on and forgot all about Masters Footy Just for Kicks and proceeded to implode, to Central Crocs credit they removed him from the field and suggested he cool his heals on the sideline. So in one play we had gone from the back pocket, the length of the field and lining up for goal and, had one of the opponents removed from the field. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with and coaching Bruiser over the last 26 years and I can honestly say I have never seen him receive a free kick from an umpire, love your work Bruiser.

Again, big thanks to everyone who turned up today and played the Mako Brand , it makes mine and Rompa’s efforts all the more rewarding.

p.s.  Kiwi Saunders (ex Mako) filled in for us in the Seniors, he ran himself into the ground but failed to have any impact on the game, struggling with the tempo of Mako’s game style. Not sure what they’re doing at Southern Saints, but I’m sure with a few more games with us we will get you back to speed. (thanks Kiwi)


Awards from Round 9

Club Award – Troy Hatton aka Kiwi; As the NZ version of Trevor Marmalade (the man behind the bar) Kiwi is a regular in assisting Mr Glass in the very important role of Club Barman. He also good sausage cook and helps out around the club where ever it is needed. If only he could bounce the ball.....

Supers Award – William Thomsen aka Apples; for his breakout game in the midfield. His American heritage came to fore as he dished out the 'don't argues' like New York vending machine and collected many hard ball gets. 

Master Award – Kieran Efflier; after a run of injuries his first game back saw Kieran rise above the rest against. His one on ones were well contested and decision making very good. Kieran's good form must have had the opposition coach worried as the 8 man backline, 6 man weave & 3/4/5 kick out were all pulled of the AFL for serious coaches play book.

Seniors Award – Shaun Kelly aka Scud; Rain, hail or shine (mostly shine) Scud is possibly our most regular attendee at training. All this good work and attention to detail has seen him hone his skills to the point where he fired out a Barry Cable-like handball to Wilks which was all that was required to see him sweep the seniors award for this round. His other dozens possessions were pretty good also.

Awards from Round 8

Club Award

Club Mug Award - Wilks and Glassy shared the mug after the bro-mance boiled over for all to see. In all seriousness though I thought both are deserved recipients for the mug.

Supers Award – went to Brett Cunnigham. Who knew that inside the big unassuming fullback come bus driver lay a goal kicking machine. Brett grabbed his opportunity up forward against the Eastern Hills Cats with both hands and a straight right foot and helped himself to a handful of goals in his breakout game as a tall forward.

Master AwardCraig Dale; being a tall utility Toady can be found in almost any position up and down the spine. His efforts ruck to CHB to FB saw him compete well against the Cats up at Ellenbrook. His body on body is great to watch and he always given a genuine effort.

Seniors Award – 

Awards from Round 7

Club Award

Club Mug Award - Mick Davis

Supers Award – 

Master Award –goes to Big Johno for his great work in the ruck after having also played Supers. Also a mention of Lloydy, Shimma and Sax for playing all three games for the weekend, it was a great team effort from all who played as the opposition was very good  and the game was played in good spirit and as Masters footy should be played. Nigel

Seniors Awardaward went to Eric, for his outstanding run through the middle of the ground and great contest around the ball and in the packs. Worth a mention as well was Silver after a few weeks absent also played well directing traffic through the middle of the ground, and thanks to Ric Floyed for coming up from Bunbury with a slight injury to play, when some guys live a lot closer and aren't injured didn’t bother to turn up at all for any games. Mick D

Awards from Round 6

Club Award – goes to Timmy Dwyer. For his general commitment to the Club and running water

Club Mug Award -

Supers Award – goes to Craig Dale (Toady) a solid effort all day long.

Master Award –goes to Victor Tomlinson (Two Stroke) making great leads and marking well up front.

Seniors Award – goes to Kevin Wood he has worked hard to get back to form. Played both Masters and Seniors which where big running games

Awards from Round 5

Supers award goes to a bloke whose ability to win his one on ones, rebound off halfback and to break the lines with his run setup several inside 50s - Shane 'I love my hat but you can call me Snoop' Taiwhati.

Masters award goes to a guy who stood up in the contests and made the most of his opportunities. He's a quiet bloke on the field but has a deadly left foot - Brendan 'BJ' Johnston.

Club awards goes to Beau 'Baby face' Dewson. He's embraced the club and made it his Friday night home away from home. What's most impressing us his effort at training. He takes instruction well and he's now starting to build his second efforts on the track.

Awards from Round 4

Mug Award: Graeme 'Cheify' Waters. The man who just keeps on truckin' and always gives his utmost on the field and at training. He oozes talent.

Club Award: Tony 'Simmo' Simoni for taking the opportunity to umpire his first game of AFL at the Busselton carnival. Simmo demonstrated great team spirit in taking on this challenge and his willingness to have a go which is what a Masters football is all about.

Supers Award: Dan 'The Man' Carter for his consistent strong performance in the last two games of Supers. Dan hunts the ball exceptionally well and is a good finisher. When he gets the footy it often ends up to our advantage.

Masters Award: Matty 'I'm too cool for a nickname' Smith for racking up more possessions than his idol Nat Fyfe. This lad knows how to pirouette. Some guys add spark. Matty adds sparkle. Maybe there's a nick name here?

Seniors Award: Victor 'Two Stroke' Tomlinson for willing himself to every ruck contest despite the opposing ruck man being the equivalent of a man mountain. Good on ya Vic. You know how to throw yourself into your work that's for sure.

Awards from Round 3

Club Award – Went to Darren (Dasha) Calder for the exceptional compassion he has shown in embracing Adrian's arrival at our Friday night training sessions which in turn grows the Mako brand amongst the local community as more than just a football club. We are a club that's wants to build a stronger community through football.

Club Mug Award - Matthew (Matty) Smith wins the mug for a bunch of good deeds and contributions to making the club a better place. He was recognised for his strong club spirit and leadership.

Supers Award – Went to Brendan (Kingy) King for a solid debut with the Makos. He spent the first half in the middle winning many possessions often giving our outside mids first position after winning the contested footy. He then went to fullback for a well earned rest and continued to win more ball cutting off several Warnbro attacks on goal.

Master Award – Anthony (Simmo) Simoni won the Masters award for following Wilks directions by not kicking the ball and giving the mid field first use of the ball with his productive ruck work around the ground. His contested ball work was first class.

Seniors Award – Paul (Cobber) Rogers. In the conditions we had at Rockingham which were absolutely raining cats and dogs, everyone who played was outstanding and gave there all, but Cobber from a center half back position, worked extra hard to stop the footy from entering the forward line of Rockingham, which he did very well and helped his team mates out up the ground when we was on the Re-bound towards our Goals, Great work Cobber.

Awards from Round 2

Special mentions go to our award winners for the Southern Saints Carnival in Maddington;

Club Award – Jade & Leila Andersen for their extraordinary effort running water.

Club Mug Award - Darren McGoran (Jars) - for endeavours noted through the pre-season, namely dedication to training and self improvement both at training and off this own bat.

Supers Award – Aaron Ward (Meersy)

Master Award – Andrew Boyle (Budgie)

Seniors Award – Jeff Carlisle (Red)

Awards from Round 1

Special mentions go to our award winners for the last fortnight;

Club AwardKevin Wood for backing up after the Seniors game to run water for the Supers

Club Mug Award - Brett McCarthy (Hairdo)

Supers Award – Debutant Steve Thompson (Thommo)

Master AwardTony Sieriaki (Sax)

Seniors AwardGraham Cunningham (Pops)

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